We can build a modern attractive website for your club, including a public-facing area to attract visitors and potential new members, and private-facing login area for members' needs.

Our websites are built on a foundation that combines a modern CMS (Content Management System) with deep integration to Member Magic. This allows us to make beautiful websites that clubs can update themselves, while also automatically knowing everything Member Magic knows, such as member details and balances.

Modern Website Technology

There is a lot of subtle detail to making a truly excellent website, and we aim for excellence, taking care of these details without expecting clients to know to ask for them. For example:

  • Expert visual design - careful selection of colours, images, fonts and space to reflect your club's character, while also being easy to navigate and visually appealing
  • Responsive design - website dynamically adapts layout and content to be easy to read and use on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs
  • Integrated Google Analytics - to learn how the site is being accessed, including which browsers are used and how many visitors are using phones
  • Optimised libraries and page code - the behind-the-scenes building blocks of the site are carefully managed for fastest possible page load speed
  • Local hosting - websites are served from Australian servers for faster speed and higher reliability for your members and local audience
  • Optimised images - we optimise all images on the site for a perfect balance of quality appearance and fast page loading

Our complete online platform, including online member detail and golf booking systems, has been recently designed from the ground up based on modern web technology, and is being upgraded constantly to stay current. By contrast some other established online booking systems are over a decade old and are struggling to adapt to modern web standards or visual standards. 

Member Magic integration

Our website technology is linked to a club's Member Magic system though an interface which sends updates every few minutes. This interface sends many types of information from Member Magic whenever added or changed, which enables powerful automatic functionality, such as:

  • automatically created member logins - new members are automatically provided with a personal website login, and resigned member access is automatically revoked
  • member details - and their contact details are visible for them to check (and amend), and also on an optional member directory.
  • member balances - always up to date member balances are available for members' easy reference, and to optionally pay online.
  • golf booking sheets - upcoming booking sheets are available to book online (and bookings are sent back to Golf Magic)
  • golf results - competition results are easily uploaded from Golf Magic


Website features and technology are great, but we understand that a good looking site design is very important. So we're happy to demonstrate our designs by sharing some websites we have made: (this website) - we built our own website using the same technology we use to build client websites

Flagstaff Hill Golf

McCracken Golf

North Adelaide Golf

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