Point of Sale

Member Magic's accounts are built with private clubs in mind. It includes a feature-rich interface to several point of sale systems, designed for the needs of clubs.

Member Magic can manage a prepaid wallet for members, a pre-paid or post-paid 'house support' levy, prize balances including a fixed date or number of days expiration. It can also manage a credit limit for members, and product a statement of point of sale transactions to be billed to the member later.

Our point of sale systems integrate with Member Magic's extensive Member ID device support, allowing a single device to identify the member at point of sale and for building access systems, and allowing members to have multiple devices linked to their account.


SwiftPOS is a modern and continuously improved Point of Sale system, designed in Australia, with clubs in mind. It has an impressive feature set, starting with the essentials of modern touchscreen point-of-sale terminals, and a powerful back office that manages products, stock and specials with extensive reporting options. SwiftPOS also offers many extras, such as integrated EFTPOS payment and digital menu boards.

Member Magic has its most comprehensive point of sale interface to SwiftPOS, enabling many member features at the pos terminal:

  • Members can pay for transactions from a wallet, stored prizes, loyalty points, house support levies, or against a credit limit to be paid later.
  • Special prices can be automatically applied if a member is linked to a sale, even if they pay with cash/card
  • Member tables can be split between multiple members paying using efficient and simple table-split or payment-split that your point of sale staff will love
  • Members can query their owing balance and pay it from the PoS terminal
  • All member transactions are sent to Member Magic for inclusion on Member statements and for awarding loyalty points

ID Devices

Member Magic centrally manages ID devices for members, sharing them with Access Control and Point of Sale systems, so members need only use a single device to interact with both systems.


ClubKeys are heavy-duty, virtually indestructable fob keys that we often recommend for use at Yacht Clubs. We supply these in advance to the club, who then allocate them to members in Member Magic.

HID Cards and FOBs

HID cards or FOBs are secure devices that are well suited to Access Control and can also work at point of sale. We supply these in advance to the club, who then allocate them to members in Member Magic.

Magnetic Swipe Cards

Magnetic Swipe Cards - like credit cards - are the preferred device type when clubs wish to print the member's details onto the card. Member Magic can queue card orders and then send an order to the supplier when a pre-set minimum order quantity is reached.

Barcode Cards

Member Magic can also register to a member barcode cards created at the club. These are used at some clubs that prefer to produce low cost member cards in-house.


RedCat provide a Point of Sale solution using inexpensive Windows PCs for back office and sales terminals.

Their PoS software can be configured to club requirements. RedCat has a tight integration with member sub-accounts in Member Magic.

Their back office software has a robust feature set. This includes perpetual stock control, and the ability to create recipes.

RedCat's software is developed in Australia, for Australia, which ensures it will comply with Australian tax and accounting standards.

NCR Quest

Member Magic has a polished interface to NCR / Quest point of sale, which is still available for any potential new clients that have an existing Quest point of sale system.

New clients are recommended to discuss SwiftPOS instead, which is a modern system that is equivalent in many ways, but designed with clubs in mind and frequently updated.

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