Real Support

Thyme Software is proud to back up our product, Member Magic, with the highest quality, personal support from our in-house support team. Clients can call our support number to speak directly to us, with no hold system or waiting times. Or they can contact us on our helpdesk email address, which will also go directly to our support inbox, no need to deal with a support ticketing website.

Our helpdesk is available Mon-Fri business hours (Adelaide time) for general assistance. We also provide extended emergency support from early morning to late evening every day, including on weekends and public holidays, for any problem that interrupts crucial club operations, such as point of sale, access control, or running a golf competition.

Personalised Training

We supply every new installation or major system upgrade/addition with an included training package, which is personal customised training, either in person or over the phone & internet.

Training is also available adhoc on an hourly basis, and is recommended for new employees in key roles.

All training is also provided in-house by us, and has a very high satisfaction rate.

Automatic Backup

Member Magic has a built-in backup system which does an automatic nightly backup all data from Member Magic (and Golf Magic, Marina Magic, Access Control and any Point of Sale provided by us).

A cloud backup option can create offsite copies of these backups as the ultimate failsafe. For small clubs that operate from a single computer this feature is invaluable to keep them functioning in the case of the computer failing.

Live Software Monitoring & Updating

As part of our commitment to providing superior service, Member Magic comes with a Monitor Agent which constantly checks the system is running smoothly. If an issue occurs, a notification will be sent to our support team, so we are able to fix it before it impacts you, or we can proactively contact you to resolve the issue quickly with them.

The Monitor Agent also checks for available Member Magic updates and automatically downloads and installs any found. As part of our licensing model, all clients are entitled to all new releases and we use this automatic update process to regularly send updates with bugfixes and new features.

Have a Chat

To speak with us about how Member Magic can be used at your club, please call 1300 720 102, email, or:

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