NOTE: The new features discussed in this guide are updated regularly based on the feedback from clubs and members, and as such some images and videos might not exactly reflect the current version at your club.

Welcome to the new booking dialogue.

This new version has been revamped from the ground-up with a focus on making it easier, and quicker to make bookings.

You will now be able to make a booking on any device, from a mobile phone, tablet, right up to a desktop computer. 

While there are a lot of differences in this new version, we have worked hard to make it both familiar for long-time members, and intuitive for new members.

If you are familiar with the Quick Book tab, you should feel at home with the new dialogue.

We have moved away from individual tabs for each booking, everything you need to do can now be done in the one place.

As you make bookings, names will be added from left to right, until there is no more space left in the group.

Cancelling a booking can be done by clicking the cross to the right of a booking then saving.

You will be reminded to save when the sheet has been updated.

To demonstrate the changes, here is a short video of a player making a group booking from beginning to end. The player will add themselves, two playing partners, add the final booking from the search box, and finally save the group.

As you can see, the entire process takes less than 10 seconds going at a fairly leisurely pace.

Exploring The Changes

Where have all the details gone?

The details along the top have been distributed around the dialogue in a more meaningful way.

To the top left you can see the Group Tee-off and Group title combined to form the main header.

The top right corner contains the sheet title, along with the overall Eligibility Criteria, with more details when you tap or hover over.

To see the who made a booking, click the relevant slot (when you hover over it will say 'Modify'). The modify dialogue has the details of when the booking was made and the name of the member that made it. It is only possible to see bookings that you have made, or another member has made for you.

What happens to my playing partners?

Nothing. They will remain the same.

If you currently have no playing partners, as you begin to book other people through the search, they will be automatically added to your partner list. If you want to edit the list, you can do so by visiting the playing partners page as usual.

Why can't I remove playing partners from the booking dialogue now?

We had a large number of members mistakenly removing playing partners from their list when they actually wanted to remove the booking. You can still manage playing partners from the playing partner page, which will appear in the right-hand user drop-down menu.

Why change at all?

We found a great deal of members made the majority of their bookings through the Quick Book tab, but in order for members to change or remove the bookings, they would have to go off to another tab and alter one-by-one. The new version puts everything in front of you. The only times you will be seeing another screen are when you are adding a guest, or modifying a booking. There is now an indicator for when you've made alterations to the group, and a fully keyboard-driven search option.

Our intention with these changes is to simplify the booking process and to provide clarity, from making a booking, through to managing bookings.

Making A Booking

Sheet Open Notification

When a sheet is about to open, you can choose to receive a notification when the sheet is 5 minutes from opening, and then again when the sheet is open.

You will only receive sheet notifications when the checkbox is checked. This setting is applied per booking sheet, and is only active while you have the page open.


Our notification system is entirely opt-in, meaning you will only ever see notifications when you enable them.

The browser will only ask to allow the notifications once, but you can revoke permissions at any time by following the directions specified by your browser.


This feature is available for supported browsers & platforms only:


Windows: Firefox, Chrome, Edge

Mac OSX: Safari, Firefox, Chrome

Android OS: Chrome


Windows: Internet Explorer

iOS: Safari, Chrome, Firefox (all browsers use Safari behind the scenes, so unfortunately no browser on iOS will allow notifications)

Booking Yourself

Since the new booking sheet dialogue no longer has tabs representing each booking slot, you can click anywhere along the tee time to begin making bookings.

The first button available to you is the "Me" button, which will add you to the sheet.

Book via search

When you first open the booking dialogue, the cursor will automatically enter the Member Search field.

The search will start as soon as you start typing, displaying results once it matches two letters.

There are three ways to add a member from the search results:

  1. Select them with the mouse. A left click will automatically add them to the next available slot
  2. Select them using the arrow keys. Pressing the Enter/Return key will add them to the next available slot
  3. Type out the entire name exactly as it appears in the results. Once the name has been entered completely it will add them to the next available slot

Once a member has been added through the search box, the cursor will jump right back to the search field so you can continue adding members. Once all fields have been filled, you can press the Enter key again to save, or press the Save button to save as normal.

Guest Bookings

Add a guest booking

Making a guest booking requires you to enter their name, and their gender. All other fields are optional (unless specified otherwise by your club).

The gender field will be pre-set to the gender you have set on your account, but it can be changed if it doesn't suit the guest you are booking.

Edit a guest booking

To edit a guest booking, tap or click on the guest slot to modify, and press the "Edit Details" button. All of the previously filled details will appear. Edit them as needed, click "Update", and then save the edited bookings.

Deleting bookings

To the right of all bookings is a button to remove it.

Click it to remove it from the group and then save to finalise.